Before getting into the travel industry, I have to confess that I thought Travel Agents were out-dated! I also assumed that they were reserved for travelers that weren’t tech savvy, with big budgets. 

Now I’m addressing your questions and misconceptions in a multi-part video series. Check out Part 1 below.



#1: Travel Agents cost more money

This is probably the biggest point of confusion… your travel is NOT more expensive when you use a Travel Agent. That’s because I work for commission that is already built into travel costs. The travel industry is designed around Travel Agents… Kayak,, Agoda, etc. are just automated online travel agencies. So if you book travel “on your own,” you’re not cutting out the middleman — you’re just hiring a machine as your travel agent, that offers zero personal service.

In addition to just booking travel, I design personalized itineraries & experiences for my clients. Leading up to and during travel, I answer questions and provide support. For this reason, clients pay a Planning & Support fee. This is where my expertise and industry connections come into play.

Not only will I find you amazing travel deals, but I will provide so much more value then you could ever get booking your travel yourself.

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#2: I can do the same thing on my own

Think about a hairdresser, caterer, tax advisor, photographer. Some of these services you could do yourself. But it would be time-consuming, with diminished results. Think of your Travel Agent as another case where consulting a professional will make your life easier & better. 

And again, keep in mind that if you “do it yourself” with online booking, those sites are still considered travel agencies. So you’re pretty much just hiring an impersonal algorithm to plan your vacation.

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#3: I won’t have control over my vacation

Some people like to spend hours researching destinations. If that’s your, then my service will be more of a professional resource and safety net. I will advise, help with policies, handle booking, and provide customer service. 

Some clients are very involved with the planning, and others are hands-off and just want a final product for their approval.

This service is not one-size-fits-all, but personalized. This is your vacation!

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#4: Travel Agents are outdated

The rise of the internet certainly reshaped Travel Agents… but for the better! Thanks to the internet, I don’t have to be strapped to a desk with a landline, memorizing airline codes. I can work remotely, see more destinations firsthand, build relationships with suppliers, and elevate my service to you. 

Travel Agents evolve with the industry. The thing that doesn’t change is the industry connections & personal service.

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Working as a Travel Agent, I love that the business structure is truly win-win for both my clients & me. 

So when you’re ready for your next trip… let’s talk.

Still have questions? Let me know so I can address them in upcoming videos!

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