No Added Cost

Your travel is NOT more expensive when you book with a travel agent. That’s because the industry is designed around a commission structure. I receive commission from travel suppliers that is already built into travel costs. 

Booking with me costs you nothing additional out-of-pocket.

Service Fees

It’s true that sometimes travel agents will charge a service fee. I’ve charged them on occasion for particularly time-consuming requests — like large groups or detailed daily itineraries. If applicable, it would be agreed upon upfront, and a fair exchange for my time & service. 

One exception is domestic flight tickets. When purchased alone, I charge a $25 service fee per ticket. When bundled with a hotel, rental car, etc., a service fee will not apply.

Please contact me with any inquires or questions.


I love that my business structure is win-win for both me & my clients! 

You have an easier time planning travel, and I get to keep doing what I love.

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