I help you maximize VALUE

A colleague once joked with me, “How good does a BAD vacation need to be in order to be worth the money?”

The takeaway is that instead of focusing on the lowest price when we book travel, it is much more important to focus on the best value.

I help you attain travel for the best VALUE by… ASKING the right questions, LISTENING to what you envision, NETWORKING with my travel suppliers & partners, and SUPPORTING you throughout the journey.

And of course along the way, I will get some great deals for you.

The travel industry is actually designed around a commission structure. I receive commission from travel suppliers that is already built into travel costs. When you book travel without a Travel Advisor, you are paying for a service you do not get to utilize.

Planning & Support

After you initially contact me, we will setup a complimentary phone or video call. It is important for me to get to know you in order to know how to plan your travel. We will discuss in detail your dreams & vision for your vacation.

After our initial call, I will send you the client contract and collect a Planning & Support fee of typically $150. Then I will get to work contacting trusted suppliers, researching destination updates, pricing out flights & hotels, and curating your travel experience.

When I am finished, you will recieve a completely unique, customized itinerary to meet your travel goals. I will work on any changes or adjustments, and when you are completely happy with the final itinerary, I will handle all of the bookings.

Leading up to & during your travel, I will provide support and answer questions. (Think: no hold times!) I will also be working behind the scenes to re-confirm bookings & prep suppliers for your arrival.

This is a highly customized service, designed to save you time and elevate your experience.

Please contact me with any inquires or questions.


I love that my business is win-win for both me & my clients! 

You have an easier time traveling, and I get to do what I love. 

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