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Hello all! My name is Ellen Blazer.

I am a Travel Advisor for Dreamavoo Travel & Tours. I specialize in leisure travel — honeymoons, Europe, the Caribbean, and parts of Asia primarily. I am so enthused to be a part of this industry that I love. When I’m not servicing clients, I still find myself researching & putting together itineraries for fun… so I know I’ve landed in my perfect career.

There can be misconceptions about working with a Travel Advisor or Travel Agent.

It is true that you can find unlimited travel information online… unfiltered & unorganized. The rise of the internet proceeded today’s TA — just like any other industry, we are constantly evolving with new technologies & markets. The unchanging common denominator is that a Travel Advisor will always offer you time savings & personal service, and I can’t ever see that going out of demand.

So whether or not you’ve worked with a travel professional before, I hope you’ll let me earn your business. You’ll can duck out of the planning & booking process, and just ENJOY your travel.

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I am based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but I work with clients in multiple timezones. We primarily communicate via email & telephone. 

A bit about me: I studied Environmental Science at an Ivy League univeristy and have worked as a Geologist & Naturalist. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years, and have struggled to remain so while traveling through Southeast Asia. I love country music, and listening to it on a trip transports me back home. During my personal travels, I love to pack light and take only a carry-on, even for 1+ month-long trips. I started travel blogging back when I was hoping to break into the travel industry; my blog helped me establish credibility when I landed a job as a Travel Advisor.

I truly love the process of blogging. I have tons of photographs stockpiled from my trips, and an overload of stories I’ve almost forgotten about. From studying abroad in a Nepalese village, to learning to scuba dive at an WWII Indonesian shipwreck, to backpacking El Camino de Santiago, to roadtripping solo from California to Georgia. As I write, memories flow back to me, and I feel inspired to keep seeing & doing more. I hope you will too.

Like/DM my Instagram or Facebook page To Travel and Bloom, or email me directly at ellen@dreamavoo.com for travel service.

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