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Canyon of Canyons

The Grand Canyon from the Bright Angel Trail, from my time working on a trail crew in 2016 …
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Wandering Around Durbar Square

I snapped this photo wandering around Durbar Square of Kathmandu, Nepal. Durbar Square is a cultural HUB, and definitely a spot not to miss. I remember the first time I was there learning the entrance fee was 750 nepalese ruppees (just over $7 USD), and almost not going in — but only because the lowlow prices of everything else in Nepal was warping my perspective! In Nepal you can get a delicious local meal for a dollar, a fresh cup of tea for 10 cents, …
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To Walk Across Spain

I hadn’t even heard of it until I saw the movie The Way, a 2010 film about a father losing his son on a hike across Spain. (It’s a sad movie, but I guess I’d recommend it?) Said hike is called El Camino de Santiago, or El Camino for short. It’s a network of treks that cross Spain westward to the city of Santiago de Compostela. And I found out firsthand that hiking El Camino de Santiago is also the perfect post-college graduation trip! Sooo many stunning …
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When Your Host Mom Gives Birth in a Mountain Village of Nepal

A rooster went ballistic, seemingly mere feet from my head. My eyes reluctantly slid open, and I checked on the wolf spider that had been posted up on the bedroom wall for days. It had probably crawled in through the chicken wire walls for some shade. Speaking of shade, the sun wasn’t even up yet, but I could already hear my host family and other villagers bustling about the morning’s work. This was my last day in a remote village in the hill region of …
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Ellen visiting the Batu caves -- a Hindu cave temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My name’s Ellen. I’m a Travel Advisor and owner of Blazer Travel Company.

Here you can learn more about working with a Travel Advisor in today’s travel industry, & how the process works.

Through my blog, I’m documenting my travels through the world to remember these experiences that truly shape me. I hope my travel inspires you, and instills confidence in my clients.

If you find yourself having wanderlust,  be sure to act on it.

Contact me for help in planning your travels:

or +1 (717) 517-1559

What my clients are saying….

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4 Common Misconceptions About Using a Travel Agent

What's YOUR next destination?

Let's get to know each other

I am a Travel Advisor for Dreamavoo Travel & Tours. I specialize in leisure travel — honeymoons, FIT, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, parts of Asia, New Zealand, & Australia primarily. 

I am so enthused to be a part of this industry that I love. when I’m not servicing clients, I still find myself researching & putting together itineraries for fun… so I know I’ve landed in my perfect career.

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I studied Environmental Science at an Ivy League univeristy and have worked as a Geologist & Naturalist. 

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years, and have struggled to remain so while traveling through Southeast Asia. 

During my personal travels, I love to pack light and take only a carry-on, even for 1+ month-long trips. 

I started travel blogging back when I was hoping to break into the travel industry…

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