IMG 6494 - Wandering Around Durbar Square

Wandering Around Durbar Square

I snapped this photo wandering around Durbar Square of Kathmandu, Nepal. Durbar Square is a cultural HUB, and definitely a spot not to miss. 

I remember the first time I was there learning the entrance fee was 750 nepalese ruppees (just over $7 USD), and almost not going in — but only because the lowlow prices of everything else in Nepal was warping my perspective! In Nepal you can get a delicious local meal for a dollar, a fresh cup of tea for 10 cents, and a hotel room for 10 dollars. 

But the takeaway here is…don’t skimp on Durbar Square! It is rich with temples and street vendors. Not to mention Kumari: the living goddess!

I was so fascinated by the story of Kumari. She is a Hindu goddess, who reincarnates into the body of a young girl. This goddess lives in a temple, her feet are not allowed to touch the ground, and she makes very rare public appearances. When the girl Kumari is inhabiting turns 13 or gets her period, it is believed that Kumari reincarnates into a new person, that then must be found.

During one of my Durbar Square outings, I was lucky enough to see Kumari being paraded around during Indra Jatra! You can read about that and my other Nepal recommendations here. 

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