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Why the Franconia Ridge Holds a Special Place in My Heart

A Downfall of Social Media I know you’ll know what I mean when I say that social media can be a bit unrealistic. Only a bit, of course. We’ve all seen a million places on Instagram and blogs that we are dying to visit. And we’ve all made it to destinations that have been totally amazing, but their social media portrayals have certainly been misleading. Well the Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is one place that to me, felt just as …
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39 Things that Go Through Your Head When You Go Hiking & Camping in the Winter

I can’t be the only one counting down the days until warm weather… in my opinion, life seems to begin again with each springtime. The thing I look forward to most is making the shift from hanging with the TV and heater to spending as much time as possible out in the open air. Buuut…until that can finally be a reality, you will still find the most dedicated among us out on the trails in the dead of winter. So here are some things that …
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Local Spanish Wine, Straight from the Cellar

El Camino de Santiago I mentioned before (here and here) that I spent time hiking El Camino de Santiago. It was a truly incredible journey, and I think almost anyone stands to gain immensely from making this trek. Young, old, religious, nonreligious, seasoned hiker, or not even in possession of a sleeping bag. Long thru hikes themselves are transformative, and this one is very accessible since there are hostels and restaurants along the path each day. Plus you get to experience so much of Spain …
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A Love Affair with Lake Tahoe

I’ve mentioned before that I think my favorite place I’ve ever spent time living may have been Lake Tahoe, California. (And I should mention for further context that while I lived there, I was in a old motel room that had two bunk beds crammed in it, so I really must love the area itself!) Lake Tahoe maybe has it all: mountains, woods, and a lake that can put the ocean to shame. We’re talking a 22-mile-long, 12-mile-wide lake that has a lot to offer …
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Miami: 4 Days, 7 Beaches

In my book, limited time in Miami calls for maximized beach time. Especially when you live farther north and will soon be headed home to a wintery mix of snow, ice, and who-knows-what-else. So in that spirit… I spent a whirlwind four days getting sunburnt at seven different beaches, to experience as much variety and sunshine as possible. Here I’ve listed the beaches I visited, in order from favorite to absolute favorite. Read on to self-medicate for winter blues. I watched the sunrise from a …
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The Best Wildflowers along El Camino de Santiago

Springtime must be the best time of year to hike El Camino de Santiago, and the wildflowers may very well be the #1 reason. When I hiked El Camino de Santiago in May (confession linked here…I wasn’t able to hike the entire thing!), I loved soso many things about it. Things I Love about El Camino de Santiago I loved meeting friends from loads of other countries. We would sit down for a meal and realize almost everyone had a different native tongue…I loved that! I loved feeling …
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Ellen visiting the Batu caves -- a Hindu cave temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My name’s Ellen. I’m a Travel Advisor for Dreamavoo Travel & Tours.

Here you can learn more about working with a Travel Agent in today’s travel industry, & how the process works.

Through my blog, I’m documenting my travels through the world to remember these experiences that truly shape me. I hope my travel inspires you, and instills confidence in my clients.

If you find yourself having wanderlust,  be sure to act on it.

Contact me for help in planning your travels: 

or +1 (717) 517-1559

What my clients are saying….

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4 Common Misconceptions About Using a Travel Agent

What's YOUR next destination?

Let's get to know each other

I am a Travel Advisor for Dreamavoo Travel & Tours. I specialize in leisure travel — honeymoons, FIT, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, parts of Asia, New Zealand, & Australia primarily. 

I am so enthused to be a part of this industry that I love. when I’m not servicing clients, I still find myself researching & putting together itineraries for fun… so I know I’ve landed in my perfect career.

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I studied Environmental Science at an Ivy League univeristy and have worked as a Geologist & Naturalist. 

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years, and have struggled to remain so while traveling through Southeast Asia. 

During my personal travels, I love to pack light and take only a carry-on, even for 1+ month-long trips. 

I started travel blogging back when I was hoping to break into the travel industry…

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