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Balancing Work & Play

I joined the corporate workforce full-time a year after college. I was working about 45 hours/week with an hour commute every day, as an environmental consultant.

As I had neared the end of college and felt pressure set in to choose a livelihood, I had landed on environmental consulting as my dream job. So I was of course excited to finally get an offer letter!

This 8-5 lifestyle was one I had seen all around me, and assumed I would step into. I was brought up in a traditional household, attending a pre-professional university. I certainly wasn’t in love with the idea of it, but then I don’t think most people are… I just hadn’t thought much about any alternatives.

But as it turned out…that job ended up teaching me lessons all about how I DIDN’T want my life to be. That year was a huge catalyst in making me think critically about the lifestyle I wanted to have, and the ones I didn’t (you can read more about my lifestyle conundrums here). 

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I have since quit that job.

It’s a tricky thing to balance how much you enjoy your work against the pay, and its effects on other aspects of your life. And that is a lesson that over the past year has been slowly sinking in and feeling REAL. 

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I was worried I would feel like a quitter, giving up on a career path after just one year. 

But I ultimately realized that I hated being tied to the clock hands of the corporate world

I didn’t like my environmental consulting job nearly enough to have only 2 weeks’ vacation. And as I reflected on where I would be if I moved up within the company, I couldn’t see myself enjoying the day-to-day any more.

Basically, I had to trust myself, and move on to the next thing.


And speaking of vacation time…..

Fast forward several months, and you find me here, on my next pursuit. Finding where a career opportunity and my passions completely collide: becoming a travel agent

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Right now I’m reviewing and planning itineraries for Peru & Thailand that focus on eco-tourism, and somewhere down the road I’ll hopefully even get to play tour guide!

With all of these changes, there have of course been ups and downs. And my current income has taken a hit. 

But if I’m not in the perfect place to take the leap now, I don’t know when I ever will be.

I’ve got to give my dreams a chance: living with ever-changing horizons in a life of travel.

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Ellen Blazer

I am an avid traveler & I work as a Travel Agent for Dreamavoo Travel & Tours (CCRA-certified, registered with TPI, member of Ensemble). I specialize in the Caribbean, Mexico, honeymoons, Europe, and SE Asia travel. My travel blog To Travel and Bloom is designed to instill confidence in my clients & inspire them as they consider destinations around the world.


  1. Binu says:

    Best wishes Ellen!! Hope we cross paths someday. Lots of love.

    1. Thank you Binu!!! Lots of love to you too. I know, I hope we meet up either in the US or Mexico next time! 🙂

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