20170919 174326 - When in Japan...Travel to Mt. Fuji

When in Japan…Travel to Mt. Fuji

My first major excursion in Japan was to (of course) see Mt. Fuji. 

I love hiking and backpacking, so I was bummed to learn that the main climbing season had just ended due to monsoons. It normally lasts from mid-July to mid-September, so try to visit then! I was only able to hike around the 5th Station, about an hour’s bus ride up the mountain and 2300 meters above sea level.

There were actually a lot of shops and some restaurants up there, which I thought was a bit odd. I prefer a natural mountain setting, so I was sure to hike around some of the open trails, where I found wildlife and solitude. I was quite lucky to have clear skies and amazing views, but I did think that the view of Mt. Fuji was almost as impressive as the view from the mountain top.

20170920 100606 - When in Japan...Travel to Mt. Fuji

I spent an afternoon atop a neighboring mountain, Mt. Kachi Kachi. There is a cheap cable car you can easily take to the top, where you get incredible views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.

Also atop this mountain is a strange storytelling of the Kachikachi-yama folktale involving a raccoon and a bunny. The two are enemies, the raccoon being the “bad guy.” The rabbit enacts various ploys to take down the raccoon, which eventually end in a deathly boat race, to avenge the death of a farmer’s wife. It was certainly an intriguing story, and equally amusing were the raccoon and rabbit caricature statues scattered atop the mountain.

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The other stunning views I had of Mt. Fuji were from an afternoon swan boat ride on Lake Kawaguchi and an evening bike ride all around the lake, with a bike supplied from the traditional Japanese hotel I stayed in. That whole evening felt so dreamy and surreal, as I stumbled upon wildflowers and every new breathless angle of the mountain peak. Here are some of my favorite photos.

20170919 174656 - When in Japan...Travel to Mt. Fuji
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I sure have never seen a mountain before with so many perfect angles! 😉

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